Girls: Broken Dreams Club EP


Broken Dreams Club EP
True Panther Sounds

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The indie rock band Girls’ second release, an EP entitled Broken Dreams Club pays homage to their San Francisco roots with subtle wave-like sounds and a whole lot of melancholy. We first heard about the duo, comprised of Christopher Owens and Chet “JR” White, last September when Pitchfork reviewed their full-length record, “Album,” as best new music. 

“Heartbreaker” is the clear front-runner on Broken Dreams Club. The track is universally likeable and is sure to have listeners tapping their feet, nodding, and remembering their first heartbreak. The vocals come to the forefront on the title track with dismal lyrics like “I can’t be what you need, because you’re just as lost as me/I just don’t understand how the world keeps going nowhere,” that resonates and lingers with hard-hitting chords like a sorrowful final farewell to a lover. 

There are a few longer instrumentals and hints of experimental sounds throughout, but the six-track EP culminates with “Carolina,” which features dark and raspy sounds that somewhat channel 60’s psychedelia. 

From start to finish, it indeed sounds more mature then the previous release, Album. However, it’s missing the youthful hope and beauty of a young broken heart that rang through the Stooges’ “Lust for Life” and made you want to listen to it on repeat.  Although perhaps this is just what happens when young love grows up. 

Overall Broken Dreams Club makes a splash, and at the very least will leave listeners wanting to hear more.

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