H20 Plus Sea Clear Refining Facial


H20 Plus is a skincare line that has made the most of marine extracts effectively. The Midwestern based company has a full range of skincare in their signature sea foam green packaging. I reviewed the Sea Clear Refining Facial ($22, 4 oz.), which is a gel-based exfoliator for oily skin. The soothing scrub keeps oil and blemish outbreaks considerably under control. The biweekly exfoliator was the gentlest scrub I have used to date. I used it two to three times a week by applying the smooth gel to my face, then cleansing for one minute until it started to flake. During the scrub, you smell a subtle hint of ocean. Like a magnet, the gel attracts and removes dead skin cells to reveal a softer and brighter complexion underneath. The key ingredients include glycopeptide complex of five essential sea minerals, cellulose, and oil controlling marine blend. The botanical and marine mix offers spa quality results at a sensible price. However, the gentleness of the product is perhaps its leading selling point.

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