Jennie Arnau: Chasing Giants


Jennie Arnau
Chasing Giants

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Jennie Arnau’s Chasing Giants is an album steeped in a variety of American styles including folk, country and a bit of pop. Jennie’s voice is melodic and trance-like, delivering a pleasant and simple album.

Jennie brings a throwback style, staying away from self-indulgence and instead focusing on the generally kind world that she sees. “Beautiful Life” combines rambling guitar and folksy vocals, pulling together an easy sound that can be found throughout the rest of the album. Songs like “Jack B Nimble” can drag a bit, however.  Its pace is like a slow trot that can easily wear down the listener.

“The Sharp Things” opens with gentle acoustic guitar and her best vocals on the album. This might be the best slow dance track of the year as she sings, “I’ve spent my life running away/ From all of the sharp things/ that might cause injury….” Here we find the most instrumentally complex song, with a full-on guitar solo, sharp piano, bass and drums to kick it.  “Bouncing Ball,” another mellow tune, can put you into a coma with the opening verse, but then pulls you out with some plucky banjo and forceful singing.

Jennie Arnau’s music will appeal to listeners seeking music from earlier days, a lighter spin to escape a world full of trouble.

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