Metal Mountains: Golden Trees


Metal Mountains
Golden Trees
(Amish Records)

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From the opening notes of “Structures in the Sun,” Metal Mountains transports the audience into a different sonic environment, swirling and pulsing with energy that builds oh, so gradually. You’re aware of something happening as singer Helen Rush lays delicate, whispered vocals over the continuous ebb and flow of the instruments. Listening to the record is like experiencing a slow tide, feeling it wash over you and catch you up in every wave and pulse.

With just seven songs, Golden Trees is too long to be an EP but almost feels too short to be a full-length record. Of course, when you check the time, it clocks in at over half an hour. Still, it’s the kind of instrumentation that’s so easy to listen to that you want to hold your breath and submerge for longer. Metal Mountains have a mysterious, mythical sort of sound, like they ought to be discovered in the middle of a forest within a dream. Every song is just as atmospheric and just as beautiful, making Golden Trees the perfect companion for any mood.

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