The Honey Pies: Think of England

The Honey Pies
Think of England

From the band name to the album title, The Honey Pies are giving their audience a playful wink before you can even give the album a listen. The album name seems to promise something upbeat and catchy, like a 50’s doo-wop group with some bubblegum hits. Instead, The Honey Pies are their own unique blend of rock, cobbling together elements of The Beatles’ early sound with a twist of The Libertines and a hint of Arctic Monkeys. The result is quick and punchy, with hooks that belong on the radio and a rapidfire arsenal of songs that ought to get crowds dancing and cheering for more.

Genres collide and feed off each other to make Think of England a memorable and enjoyable record. “Hair of the Dog” features a piano line that sounds like it’s straight out of a seedy lounge, while “Don’t Mention the War” is close to the sunny, vintage rock that influences the band’s sound, right down to the resonance of the studio, like they’re using old-fashioned recording techniques. “Diving Bell” is a dreamy, date night kind of song you can imagine playing in a car as two teenagers park together, while “DQYDJB” is a thrashing taste of punk along the lines of the Ramones. With this release, The Honey Pies ought to be storming past their Australian shores and making an impact on the rest of the globe.

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