THE SEX FILES: In My Own BackYard

As far as the kink social world goes, I have been to munches-which is basically where a group of the kink-minded get together in some local eatery, share a meal, socialize but not play, private house parties-where the admission is some sort of covered plate and all kinds of playing can occur, and a party in a designated play space like where I had come to this night, a mere ten minutes from my house.

Not all play spaces are outfitted as well as this studio was, but the owner knew his business-which is based in fetish-well enough to rent his studio out for these once-a-month gatherings.

Almost everyone paying the nominal fee to get in were couple-upped couples and while not always monogamous for the evening or in their marriages, at least entered this event together. The chances of a single guy or girl attending events like this is rare or if they do attend they come in like me…unattached in a group of other single folks.

Unlike a lot of play spaces, the master of this studio/space didn’t demand a strict dress code, but there were plenty of people in various stages of undress walking around, bent over or locked in cages. But despite the whippings, some violet wand tortures, medical play, and a foot massage or two, this crowd was the most sedate you would ever want to meet.

First of all, there was no drinking allowed on the premises. One could purchase water, chips and candy cheaply but kinky people are not generally drunk or high when they play; they like to be of full faculty when playing. Secondly, this was an older crowd and in my end of suburbia the people I have met in the scene seem to be generally from their mid thirties on up. Thirdly, this was a crowd big on hygiene, decorum and safe play. The master of the space, whom I spent most of the night sharing rock-and-roll war stories with, told me that when he walks through his five big rooms at the end of the night, it takes him all of fifteen minutes to clean up!

I could go on about all I saw but use your imagination, it’ll do you a world of good!

When I left the party near one o’clock I happened to pass a local night spot where a steady stream of cars were jockeying for a parking space off one of our busier highways and I couldn’t help but smile at the difference between my much more safe and sane night of spanking down a quiet cul-de-sac in a town one over from mine and all those people vying for attention in that over-crowded sports bar. The dichotomy solidified what I always think when it comes to all the seeming bizarre behavior of the kinkster. How much more normal, fun and safe they all are as opposed to most other people I see aching for attention and ego gratification in other night spots. To that I say, vive la difference!

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