Bad Buka @ Mehanata, 12/31/10


Jumping, spilling drinks, dancing, knocking into one another, a shot girl in a tight white dress holding a rainbow of drinks on a neon green tray, noise-makers, horns, tacky 2011 glasses, cheap plastic leis, streamers, loud-loud-loud music fast and furious, long-haired charismatic singer with his pants so low, hype girls in the band making noise and revving up the crowd, drums, a violin, guitar and bass, shouting and dancing, making out—no waiting, and 15…14…13….all the way down to more kisses and shots of champagne followed by further deafening music.

The much-anticipated moment when 2010 could close its books and another new year in this vibrant city invited its dwellers to do it all over again, only better, was met with a grand welcome at Mehanata on Ludlow Street. While the bands played upstairs, DJs spun downstairs in the silvery, blue-lit room where dolled up ladies in sparkly dresses danced with overly-eager guys. Upstairs in a kaleidoscope of light, opening act gypsy-rock band Kagero warmed up the crowd in a room where a thin line between the stage and audience lends the room to full immersion in sound. Headlining hell-raisers Bad Buka’s explosion of sound swirled throughout the anxious crowd creating a rollicking revelry that was as intoxicating as the bar’s apple cider vodka.

Mehanata on New Year’s Eve, in short: a good time.

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