Blue Sky Black Death: Third Party

Blue Sky Black Death
Third Party
(Fake Four Inc.)

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The dreamy, electronic pop, pulsating beats heard on Third Party, the latest release from Blue Sky Black Death is a collaborative project along with Alexander Chen that will cause an instant mellowed-out, slowly thriving euphoria. The undulating beats grind out underneath nicely thinned-out vocals. The stiffened futuristic escapade of “Carl Sagan” creates a distant retort of tightly-wound electro-percussion accented with soft sheets of eerie keyboards. “Call to Arms” is a bouncy, upbeat, atmospheric groove while the mid-tempo “Rerun” is glorified effervescent shimmer. Laid back and fine tuned exquisitely where sounds collide and create a sonic beauty, bells chime under coos of chorus while waves of keys build up like ocean crests. The aural landscape is multilayered and not overdone. Vocal stylings are charming throwbacks to 80’s synth pop-rock, quite soft and charming throughout.

Blue Sky Black Death is Kingston Maguire and Ian Taggart, also known as Young God. The beauty is clearly understated. Every track is nicely laden with such music finesse, repeated listenings will impressively yield forth sounds and instrumentation not previously recognized.

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