Funeral Party: The Golden Age of Knowhere

Funeral Party
The Golden Age of Knowhere

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L.A.-based Funeral Party has been enjoying their initial flush of success in the United Kingdom, but they’re ready to splash back across the pond with their debut album here in the US. Combining energetic guitar hooks and smashing drums, this group has an infectious rock energy that sets in before the vocals even begin. They’re a band whose sound is based on proficiency rather than showing off, as well as on an ability to translate their songs live instead of exploiting as many studio tricks as possible. After scoring a highly coveted opening gig for 30 Seconds to Mars shows, it’s obvious that this group knows how to entertain an audience and keep them on their feet, even as just the opening band.

The Age of Knowhere is a fierce, tight album that hits like a sound wave from an airplane. “New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.” is an obvious stand-out track with its hand clapping and upbeat chants of West Coast pride. Closing track “Youth & Poverty” draws the album to a clattering close, seeming to call forth every spare note to pack three minutes full of noise and melody, a sendoff that lets the album end with a bang rather than a whimper.

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