Jamie Foxx: Best Night of My Life


Jamie Foxx
Best Night of My Life

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On his fourth studio album, Best Night of My Life, Jamie Foxx hits all the predictable topics of sex, partying and Patron, but for the lack of substance and depth, the Oscar-nominee and comedian doesn’t go at it alone, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

I don’t typically like albums that feature tons of guest singers, but in Jamie’s case, it essentially works. Best Night of My Life brings on newcomer Wiz Khalifa on the title track, Miami’s own Rick Ross (“Living Better Now”), a Justin Timberlake/T.I. pairing on “Winner,” and Ludacris and Soulja Boy on “Yep Dat’s Me,” which admittedly is one of my favorite singles. But it is the slow-synth tune “Fall For Your Type,” with Canadian emcee Drake, that’s a different approach to an R&B track. With other requisite love ballads (“15 Minutes,” “Gorgeous” and “Rejoice”), and a few missteps (“Freak” and “All Said and Done”), Best Night of My Life is a decent fourth project from Mr. Foxx. But just don’t expect any deep and profound insights on it; simply take it for what it is, a glimpse into Jamie’s world of fun.

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