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I didn’t want to like it. Since Ke$ha’s hasty emergence into the pop culture spotlight over the past year, I have been nothing but disgusted by her sing-songy sound and obnoxious wannabe-Lady Gaga-meets-Courtney Love appearance. While Cannibal didn’t make me fall in love, it made me fall out of hate, and into an area of appreciation for a young artist who just wants to be heard, spunk and all.

Cannibal, Kesha Rose Sebert’s EP following the Animal LP, which was released earlier this year, features nine tracks with her own vocals, rap and various synthesized sounds. The overall sound is raw, rough, and cannibalistic. On the first track “Cannibal” she chants “I eat boys up/breakfast and lunch/then when I’m thirsty/I drink their blood.” It is followed by “We R Who We R,” a clubby chart-topping ode to sloppy party girls everywhere. “Sleazy” is another “I don’t need you” song to nasty boys, and rich ones in particular. (Hmm, a girl with a money sign in her name doesn’t care about dinero?)

“Blow” is another song that could easily play at your local club even though it’s not playing on the radio, as it features catchy, almost hypnotic beats. “The Harold Song” is Ke$ha’s attempt at a ballad and it’s very strange to hear this soft, vulnerable side of her. While it’s not bad, it’s probably best for her to stick with her cookie cutter party hits.

“Crazy Beautiful Life,” “Grow A Pear,” and “C U Next Tuesday” are somewhat catchy fun ditties with witty lines like “You should know that I love you alone/but I just can’t date a dude with a vag.” Although she could spare us the graphic images, that is her slapstick style incarnate and she doesn’t apologize for a second of it.

The album ends with her slow version of “Animal,” the Billboard Remix, from her previous album. It’s interesting how a song called “Animal” can finally let us see her human side. But I guess that’s the irony that goes along with a girl who declines acceptance to Columbia University, only to sing songs about glitter eyeliner. And neither you, nor I, as much as I hate to admit it, can blame her for going with it.

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