My Pet Dragon: Flow and Lover In Hiding


My Pet Dragon
Flow and Lover In Hiding
(Gimme That Sound) 

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Floating waves of dizzying guitar along with a vibrant drum section comprises much of My Pet Dragon’s five-song EP, Lover in Hiding and the follow-up EP, Flow. Lead singer Todd Michaelsen’s voice is effortless, melodiously, and emotive as each song is catchy and written with an engaging, forward-thinking passion. Both albums solicit excitement that easily appeals to mainstream audiences, those only seeking out indie rock vibes or even only animated dance music with the foundation of a neo-rock outfit. Both EPs are undeniably successes.

The fiery rock jams dip and dive, with bass guitar against shuffling up-tempo drums, is stellar. “Between Us” is a syrupy ode to the spiritual energy and force of love, while “New Nation” captures a feeling of optimism relating to a shift of a higher-arching era of new politics hinged on unity and evolution toward a greater humanistic good with the lyrics, “a new nation rises tonight from the ashes of paradise.” The cover of Pearl Jam’s 1991 Release builds with amazing fortitude and gleeful devastation of a building ocean wave. Surfable guitar riffs, a steady drive of drums and Michaelsen’s vocals twist into the emotional capacity of a spiritual in which the transcendence is exhilarating.

Along with his partner Reena Shah on backing vocals and at times percussion, Flow also features Danny Louis of Gov’t Mule, Carlos Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev and Carl Jason Molina of Hurricane Bells and Longwave.

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