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(L to R) Donna Bullock as Natalie, Scott Drummond as Mark (rear), Michael T. Weiss as John and Daniel Oreskes as Elliot in the world premiere production of the new play, “A Perfect Future” by David Hay and directed by Wilson Milam. Now in performance at The Cherry Lane Theatre. Photo credit: Richard Termine.

Wine has a tendency to illicit the truth from people and it’s not usually pretty, such is the case in David Hay’s new play A Perfect Future, which is currently being staged at the legendary Cherry Hill Theatre in the West Village.  The story is set in 2005 and follows a group of old friends as they reunite for a dinner party and recall the activism, sex, and drugs of their youth. Husband and wife, John (Michael T Weiss) and Natalie (Donna Bullock) reconnect with Elliot (Daniel Oreskes) in part because an old activist  friend has landed in prison and as the trio is in the midst of catching up they are interrupted by another guest, Mark (Scott Drummond), one of John’s employees who he spontaneously invited.  As the evening draws on, the half empty wine glasses begin to litter the table with the density of a Seurat painting and the social tension gives way to reality awakening the participants to truths about each other that change each of their perceptions.

The play is potent in its message as it asks questions about the true nature of relationships, honesty, and friendship and at the same time the succinct writing has a relatable quality. The ensemble cast manages a wonderful versatility as they weave through dark comic moments to starkly dramatic notes organically. Overall, the play makes a great impact while keeping the audience entertained and succeeds in examining the fractures that often exist at the heart of any relationship.

A Perfect Future is running at  Cherry Hill Theatre. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to http://www.aperfectfuture.com/

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