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This isn’t Adele’s first spin around the block. After 19, her heart-on-her-sleeve, soul-crushing voice has placed her on the map for those looking for vocalists with power. Her new album, 21, is very similar to 19, as it features the same vocals we’ve come to love as fans, but with more mature lyrics and strength.

“One and Only” is¬†a clear¬†standout on the album. Fans of Welsh singer Duffy may find the track rather similar to songs from Duffy’s Rockaferry album, as it¬†is absolutely heart-wrenching.

Adele asks, “Will I ever know¬†what it feels like to hold you close?”¬†as listeners can feel the pain of the question. Her every word in the song feels real, just like a live performance blasting from your iTunes. “Hiding My Heart” is a bit of a different track. With lighter lyrics, a guitar line, and¬†not¬†as deeply registered¬†vocals, the track is an interesting step forward for the singer. Another standout on the album is the singer’s cover of “Lovesong.” While so many artists have covered the track, this rendition is special as Adele adds a certain sharpness,¬†a bit of¬†a soul-based¬†sound¬†to the 311 version. “Set Fire to the Rain” is another track to keep your eye on as it is the closest the album gets to a dance track.

Overall, the album is certainly worth a few spins, especially if you’re trying to get over a recent heartbreak. Even if you haven’t ever had your heartbroken, be wary, this album is powerful enough¬†to make¬†you feel like you have.

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