Get Twisted with These Wave Activating Hair Products


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Everyone who knows me (or has at least flipped through a handful of tagged photos of me on Facebook) knows that I rarely ever stray from my stick-straight flat-ironed look. It’s not because I hate my naturally semi-wavy hair — it’s just that my hair can never seem to make up its mind. I can blow-dry it straight but it’ll frizz up by lunchtime, or I can attempt to wear it natural and wavy, but the waves get weighed down and fall flat before the day is half over. I just want a little consistency, not this awkward in-between state of limbo that my hair seems to get stuck in when left to its own devices. However, thanks to modern hairstyling technology — wave-activating products, specifically — I can give my natural waves the nudge they need to go full-on twisty and gorgeous. No frizzing up or unfurling — these products help jump-start my hair’s natural curl while smoothing and shaping. Genius! For waves in a hurry, Frederic Fekkai’s Wave Creating Spray uses a combination of beeswax and sea salt to give hair flexibility (no crispy stiffness) and eliminates the need for harsh heated products. To start right at the base of your hairstyling routine, AG Re:coil Shampoo infuses moisture to make sure your waves are retained throughout the day without going haywire and frizzing! Even Victoria’s Secret has its own line of wave/curl-defining products! And if you decide to throw out your flat iron for the long haul, invest in a whole plethora of wave-activating products like Living Proof’s Wave Shaping System!

– Alex Gambardella

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