Loch Lomond: Little Me Will Start a Storm

Loch Lomond
Little Me Will Start a Storm
(Tender Loving Empire)

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If Beirut met up with Band of Horses, the result might sound something like Loch Lomond’s fourth full-length record, Little Me Will Start a Storm. Though originally started as a solo vehicle for multi-instrumentalist Ritchie Young, the band has since expanded to incorporate instruments such as the ukulele and vibraphone. Entering Loch Lomond’s world is like conceding control to them entirely, though the gesture certainly pays off for such a gorgeous, delicate album.

Little Me Will Start a Storm is what would define “folk” if the term didn’t have the stigma of being boring and outdated. Instead, everything is fresh and energetic, not shying away from the occasional caterwaul to keep your attention. “Blue Lead Fences,” the track that has been premiered leading up to the album’s release, is sunny and stormy all at once, beautiful, but with an edge. “Elephants & Little Girls” has a fragile carnival vibe, like a dream that one might be woken up from at any moment. Each track could be pulled out for its praises, but I simply don’t have the space. If you like chamber pop along the lines of Belle and Sebastian, Fleet Foxes, and Owen Pallett, then giving this album a go is a must. Though really, anyone with an appreciation for the beautiful will be able to take something from this.

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