THE SEX FILES: A Hunka Hunka Burning Love


So last week I told you a little bit about Alex Braun’s Elvis: A Porn Parody and how the infamous director found a death threat on his car from a disgruntled Elvis fan (as well as some mean emails). As Braun commented: “Obviously a large group of Elvis followers are elderly, church-going people and I certainly expected them to have a negative reaction, but this is absolute insanity.” It seems you really can’t make fun of The King, even this many years after his death (the movie was released in January to commemorate Elvis’ 76th b’day) but seeing as these porn parodies are big business in the adult world, with Braun one of the biggest directors around, neither he nor these parodies are going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Vivid, producer of this romp, (as well as many others, not just parody porn) was nice enough to provide me with a copy of the movie and I got to say this is the best parody dirty film I have yet seen. First of all, the performers are top notch, imitating James Dean, Natalie Wood, Ann Margaret, Ali and even dear sweet Marilyn Monroe….not to mention the two Elvi: Dale DaBone as the elder king, he of the white jumpsuit variety and J. Jay as the younger. Both guys get plenty of time to camp it up through song and dance numbers (with silly dirty lyrics replacing the original ones to “Suspicious Minds,” etc) and really have Elvis down, even if neither can really move as well as the king…well, at least move on stage, that is.

There’s a fun behind-the-snippet here where we learn, among other things, that Jessie Palmer (who plays Natalie Wood) enjoys her own first-time behind the scenes (if you catch my drift) and actually her scene is one of the hotter one’s here, especially when you realize she’s a virgin to some of the action.

For me the absolute hottest girl is Lexi Belle, as that fiery mid 60’s Ann Margaret and the two-guy-one-girl scene with Marilyn Monroe that ends the film is truly vivid indeed.

I gather there are a whole bunch of people who like this kind of film as much as those who will be offended by it. But then again, this kind of stuff is not made for a mass audience, though there is a big audience for it. I have always believed that any public figure can and in fact should be skewered. This is the cost of fame and celebrity and I have no problem with both still loving Elvis and his music and enjoying Elvis: A Porn Parody. But then again I’m just more evolved them most people.

Available from, check out all the hip-swiveling action of Alex Braun’s new film.

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