THE SEX FILES: Bad Girls Can Be So Good


It’s not often I watch porn…really. I mean I do watch those 10 second samples off of some websites I’m fond of, over and over, if you catch my drift, but generally I’m not a big porn guy simply because what I have seen seems to be of the same ilk more or less.

But when Digital Playground puts something out and are nice enough to send it over, I always give it a spin because I know the company continues to produce movies of quality.

From the big budget affairs like Body Heat (and the soon-to-be-released Top Guns) to movies of a more intimate nature, like their Bad Girls Episode 5 which I review below, Digital Playground continues to deliver dirty stuff that’s quite a cut above the rest.

Ralph, I hear you say, what can they possible present when it comes to the old in-and-out that we haven’t seen before? Well, the thing with D.P. is that they aren’t reinventing the wheel with movies like BG5 as much as presenting men and women who seem, for want of a better word, wholly into what they are getting themselves into. And desire my friend, if even acted well, is the biggest big turn-on.

The DVD Blu-Ray Combo Pack of Bad Girls Episode 5 sees all the vignettes in one room but the one set doesn’t stifle anything at all. First up we have Tori Black and her magnificent derriere just happening on her boyfriend’s roommate (though he planned it all along) and the mayhem that ensues. I liked the tease of this one, especially the time it took to get Tori’s clothes off made for some good naughty moments, and the girl wears a pair of jeans just about as good as anybody you’re likely to see. There are also some startling face-to-face moments here, when Tori truly seems to be enjoying herself.

In what is advertised as her first double penetration, porn-star Stoya gives us her all providing her virgin double ride and takes to it like a trooper. Even if you are a connoisseur of this particular type of action, anytime one witnesses this physical feat it really gives one pause.

Slightly busty Jenny Hendrix performs admirably for the camera as well as for a handheld video camera her man trains on her while she attends to him orally. Later in this piece as well is another one of those great face-to-face moments (it seems in BD5 D.P. was interested in men behind women intercourse) that really makes the action hot.

Overall, director Robby D. needs to be commended really on his subtle camera placement and what seems like a true love of the female booty.

The people at Digital Playground are well aware there are plenty of places you can troll on-line for dirty images and clips, this is why they put great time and care to present dirty movies of quality; Bad Girl’s Episode 5 is another in their great line of films.

For more information on Bad Girl’s Episode 5 go to Digital Playground.

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