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From time to time I like to do a little routing around and comment on what’s happening in the world of sex. Some of this news is directly related to the naughty stuff we get into, others not, but I think it all fits in some way or the other.


Recently adult movie giant Vivid released another in their line of porn parodies, this one called Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody and the director of that movie, the famous Axel Braun, received a death threat from a disgruntled King Of Rock and Roll fan. The movie, written-produced-directed by Braun was released on January 8th , the anniversary of The King’s birthday and the threat, a handwritten note stuck on Braun’s car in LA (Braun’s car is easily identifiable by his personalized license plate) read: “You will die soon you piece of trash. Jesse Knows!!! (refering to some fans’ belief that Elvis faked his death and has been living under the identity of his deceased twin brother Jesse) “and he is coming for you.” In addition to the note Braun has received more than a hundred hate emails since the movie’s premier.

Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody is available in stores nationwide or at

The App

For 1.99 you can get a little closer to God. The little Little iApps company is following up on Pope Benedict XVI’s World Communications Address for a stronger Christian presence in the digital world with their Confession: A Roman Catholic app. Billed for the “personalized examination of conscience for each user.” the app is not meant to replace going to confession but to ‘help’ Catholics through it…whatever that means. I admit this doesn’t directly relate to sex, but it does to sin and god knows sex is at the root of a lot of sin. I also like the irony here that Apple head Steve Jobs, long since known to be anti-porn for his systems (see all the trouble you’ll have trying to download certain porn sites on your Ipad) now sees an app built that gets folks closer to their god.

Those wacky Congressmen

House of Reps. J. Randy Forbes, R-Va., and Mike McIntyre, D-N.C.-wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a more aggressive prosecution of obscene porn offenses, by what they are calling “major commercial distributors.” I love all the specificity with these guys: “more aggressive prosecution,” “obscene porn offenses” and “major commercial distributors,” and these guys are congressmen who probably know a thing or two about the law! Not that the boys and girls on the hill have anything more important to think about, thankfully there was a voice of reason here as Attorney Marc Randazza, general counsel for the adult company Corbin Fisher, weighed in with: “These guys complain they have a problem with erotica and don’t like the message it sends. This is completely based on superstition and is an attention grabber.”

I just like that it was both a democrat and a republication who saw fit to write this letter, proving to me, as they do time and again, how close both parties really are in their worldview.

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