Dark Angels: Icons Remix Project Vol. 1


Dark Angels
Icons Remix Project Vol. 1

Icons Remix Project Vol. 1 is a 30-track release full of legendary artists remixed by the hands of Brooklyn-based Dark Angels (Deantoni Parks and Nicci Kasper). Deantoni Parks, who plays drums and keys, has worked with artists such as Me’shell NdegeOcello and Basement Jaxx. Nicci Kasper, who plays keys and percussion, is astounding on bass and effects as well.

Stevie Nicks’ vocals play second to a burnt out downtempo affair on “My Game.” The result is soothing and sophisticated, yet wildly impressionable. The buttery pop of “Rock With You” is a galaxy-hopping gem set somewhere in the future. Michael Jackson’s vocals come alive underneath the space odyssey of synth and clicking drum.

With still 28 more tracks to go featuring artists such as Blondie, Jeff Buckley and the Eurythmics, each single is made new on an album as sonically excitable as the last Girl Talk release. However, the difference is that each track is a re-dux of tracks/vocals by a who’s who of icons like Bob Marley on “Dancing Feet,” Billy Idol, trapped in a dark back alley, industrial barrenness, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel, the Human League and Elton John to name still the very least.

Available as a name-your-own-price album, the proceeds go to the Music Is a Sport Foundation, which gives support to arts education, music and sports by helping to fund these non-profit community groups.

Not campy in the least, Icons Remix operates under the photographic yet sonic appeal as knowing there are thousands of pictures taken every day of the Brooklyn Bridge but it takes a rare photographer to make the Brooklyn Bridge look new. Dark Angels possess that rare resuscitative skill.

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