Elliott Sharp’s 60th Birthday @ ISSUE Project Room. 3/4/11


Friday, March 4th was the 60th birthday party for famed musician Elliott Sharp. This event was an incredible sight I wish everyone could have seen. Jo Andres and Steve Buscemi hosted and to start, the event took place in the future home of ISSUE project room on Livingston Street in Brooklyn. The space was inconspicuous on the outside, connected to various other buildings that blended into a standard street. Once inside there is a small waiting area that opens to a vast and beautiful space fit for a concert, art gallery or dinner anyone could ever wish to have. Even though the space is large, the crowd felt intimate and warm. Large, bare walls were covered with light and frames full of various things up for auction. The ISSUE project room reminded me of a cathedral.

An ample amount of food was out and the cocktail of the night was a Moscow Mule. Certain tickets allowed for people to sit but most of the audience stood. The night began with people saying beautiful words about the incredible space we were standing in. Jo Andres introduced her husband, Steve Buscemi, who would be accompanied by Elliott Sharp in a poetry reading. Steve recited an intricate poem while Mr. Sharp played a quiet, lulling background melody. After the poem, images and video were shown on a large screen mostly made of serene, elegant women.

Elliott Sharp continued into a long, intricate musical piece. His sounds are chaotic and vibrant while at the same time slow and calming. Throughout his musical talents people swayed to his playing. The atmosphere was calm and always silent. Any guests who moved around or got food and drinks were absolutely quiet. His music was not disturbed. Mr. Sharp’s playing always sounded like he had many players behind him, making it hard to believe all this music came from one man. It was a birthday celebration and more. The crowd was totally entranced with Elliott’s music giving it the most respect possible. He received many hugs and kisses along with many congratulations. The evening was a musical sensation, a birthday party in its truest form, I even walked out with a goody bag.

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