For a Minor Reflection @ The Rock Shop, 3/1/11


On March 1st, just before heading to the SXSW Festival and along a four-week tour, four underage Icelandic rockers known as For a Minor Reflection engaged in a healthy rock out session at the aptly-named Rock Shop in Park Slope.

This four-piece band self-released one album in 2007 entitled, Reistu þig við, sólin er komin á loft…(“Rise and shine, the sun is up”), which remains a sold-out album in Iceland. The album is entirely instrumental and possesses an overall moodiness to it that is both melancholic and uplifting. Onstage, however, they exert no shortage of emotion and energy (ears ringing).

Throughout their short set at Rock Shop that night, as all four members waved their instruments back and forth in slow motion like members of a post-rock big band, attendees gravitated closer and closer to the tiny stage. They were both peaceful and spasmodic in the same songs, such as in “Flóð.” Once viewers thought they comprehended that this band was all about explosive guitars, two members played the piano duet “Dansi Dans” and blew everyone away. A powerful aura resonated after each song, but the intensity was lightened with the band’s subtly sarcastic humor. Songs were self-described as “beautiful, nice, melancholic” and songs “to make love to.”

Indeed, this band truly rocked out on that tiny stage in Park Slope and left a lasting impression on everyone there. It will be interesting to see what these talented twenty-year-olds do in the next several years.

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