Kill Kurt Reifler: Sure as the Swing of a Pendulum

Kill Kurt Reifler
Sure as the Swing of a Pendulum
(Red Glare Records)

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Kill Kurt Reifler, a blues rock duo in the vein of the White Stripes, features Justin Kill Stoddard on drums and Kurt Reifler on guitar and vocals.  Both men are American, but they met in Thailand and recorded, their debut album, Sure as the Swing of a Pendulum, in Australia.  Fortunately, they sound every bit as worldly as their back story suggests.

The album has typical classic rock sound with a few twists.  While “Matilda” is a straightforward bluesy rock song, “My Mic” has a generous amount of funk thrown in with almost rap-like lyrics.  This is in stark contrast to the album’s closer, “Fuck That,” which boasts crunchy guitar and flying vocals to go with a thumping beat.  Unfortunately, there are no scintillating guitar solos that fans of this style may expect, but these guys still bring it.  KKR also has a heavy dose of intangibles.  One listen of “The Shuffle” will provide evidence of their old-school, rock ‘n’ roll swagger.  These guys recorded the album in just three days on analogue tape, producing a rawness that fits the music like a glove.

It’s a great effort for a new band, especially since they have a presence about them that sounds like they’ve been doing this forever.

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