Marvelous Makeup Gadgets For Easy Application!


News flash: it’s 2011, and makeup application isn’t what it used to be! Vibrating mascaras? Spinning lip gloss wands? Either the beauty industry is getting scarily smart, or we’re just getting way lazier in our daily primping. It’s likely a little bit of both, but in any case, as both a beauty freak and a gizmo geek, I’m totally intrigued by today’s newfangled makeup gadgets! Designed to not only make cosmetics application easier, faster, and altogether more efficient, the latest genius beauty tools aren’t just silly gimmicks for the sake of going fresh and futuristic — they’re pretty darn useful to boot! Take Rimmel’s Light Beam Lip Gloss, which comes with a built-in LED light and applicator for easy application at the bar, in the car, or anywhere you might need an emergency touch-up that isn’t normally an ideal freshen-up setting. Pretty convenient, right? And if you thought you had your foundation-application down pat, think again. Lancome’s Ôscillation Powerfoundation gently massages makeup onto your skin for effortless blendability. If makeup gadgets like these — made for easier and more gorgeous application — is the way of the future, I’m ready to be pampered!

– Alex Gambardella

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