Sophie Hunger: Sophie Hunger


Sophie Hunger
Sophie Hunger
(Manimal Vinyl)

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Some singer-songwriters manage to carve out a niche in the pop world, and others can reach back to past decades and make old sounds new again. Sophie Hunger falls in the latter category, with her delicate music carrying traces of blues and folk, shades of Billie Holiday and Regina Spektor all at once.

The blend of tones that she uses is suited for relaxed listening, but Hunger can still draw you in with a twist of her phrasing or a certain progression. “Your Personal Religion” borders on becoming an anthem with its refrain of “It’s never going to die.” Even though “1983” isn’t in English, the stamping beat and catchy horns make it easily addictive. “Le Vent Nous Portera” is a lovely piece of French music that showcases Hunger’s timeless vocals. “Sophie Hunger Blues” is delightfully spontaneous, coming across as improvised and hammered out in one take, inviting the listener into the creative process.

The amount of female talent out there these days is staggering, but Hunger’s ability to perform in multiple languages while still sounding stunning definitely works to her advantage. Expand your cultural horizons and enjoy a collection of fourteen fantastic songs, each one of them a winner by its own merits.

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