Soviet League: Soviet League

Soviet League
Soviet League
(Angel Oven Records)

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Soviet League’s debut, self-titled album is a throwback, at first glance. The collaboration of Matthew Kelly, the singer/ guitarist from The Autumns, and Ben Eshbach from the Sugarplastic, has produced a sweet and friendly album you might just want to take home and introduce to your parents. It has influences from “all over the place,” according to the band’s bio, and certainly listeners can hear a variety of rock styles down the album’s track list.

“Delaware” is the kind of song that, stylistically, would have fit beautifully in Across the Universe, for it’s a cappella introduction that is later accompanied by deep violin, bass, and heavy drums. “The Mirror” has a groovy beat that would go great if you’re walking around the streets and need a rhythm to move your feet to. Finally, “Shylight” stands on its own for its smooth sounds and great vocals. It may be so pleasant you’ll drift off for a nice nap before you know it.

Kelly and Eshbach’s collaboration is indeed a well-strung piece that has modified the rock genre and put a new spin on older styles. Don’t let this unsung album pass you by.

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