The Daily Shortlist March 1st

Location: Upper East Side
Event: Pub Quiz
Show time: 9 PM
Venue: The Gail Pub
Food:  Blockheads
Drink: BB&R (Blonde, Brunette & A Redhead)
Miscellaneous: Two Little Red Hens

Think you’re smarter than the average bear?  Well prove it then, smarty pants, at The Gail Pub’s Tuesday night, highly regarded pub quiz, hosted by Quizmaster David!  But first, get the brain juices flowin’ with a little help from Blockheads, where they make the absolute best burritos.  Then, hit up Blonde, Brunette & A Redhead and write your own punch line.  Or you could just order one of their fine beverages!  Also in the neighborhood is Two Little Red Hens, where they offer some of the best cupcakes on earth.  Mmm.

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