THE SEX FILES: A Little Off The Top


I have been saying for years that Jersey is more than just those smells on the Turnpike, wacky housewives turning over tables and Snookie and The Situation. As NYC’s big suburban neighbor, I like to think the garden state has lots of offer…and not just our tomatoes.

Meeting Jeff Wulkan, I learned once again that there is fun all around us, innovation and maybe just a hint of naughtiness in my home state. Jeff is the owner of Bikini Barbers, a little establishment located in Long Branch (that’s pretty much ‘down the shore’ for you neophytes). Jeff’s first foray into owning a business (he has a full time job in the airline industry) the guy decided to open a full service salon…just with the haircutters, waxers, etc. dressed in bikinis. I am sure you have heard of these types of places before, there’s been everything from bikiniclad baristas to salons like Jeff’s in other parts of the country.

But here in Jersey, Bikini Barbers is the place for sure!

Tell me what services you offer.

We offer full men’s and women’s grooming including cuts/color. We also offer spray tanning, massages, and waxing services.

Has the obvious success of Jersey Shore-spray on tans and ‘fades’ in relationship to the show-added to your popularity or the reason for it? Your shop is technically at the ‘Jersey Shore’.

No it hasn’t. This spot has always been very busy. It’s right on the beach and close to Monmouth University. We just opened soit’s  a little slow, but anticipate we’ll be jam packed come summer.

How many girls do you have working for you…and only girls? Do they all wear bikinis?

I have 4 stylists so far that all wear either full bikini or jean shorts on the bottom with an option to wear a clear apron. I also have 2 massage therapists and a waxer. All my staff are female and in beach attire.

I am sure you’re ready for the usual b.s. of people challenging that you are exploiting the women who work for you. What do you say to that kind of criticism?

I say it’s their decision to work here, should I tell them not to go to the beach too? The girls love the fun laid back beach-like atmosphere that I present to them. They get good tips and have a great time! Anyone that challenges the idea I tell to get over it, it causes harm to no one and we keep it clean and family oriented just like a day at the beach.

What is your percentage of business during the winter months as opposed to summer?

Long Branch and the surrounding towns have a huge year round population so we’ve been doing good enough just from locals. Like I said, we just opened but do assume the summer will bring much more business to us and the area as a whole.

Check out the shop at

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