THE SEX FILES: What Little Girls Are Made Of

You see the picture? She looks pretty, doesn’t she? For just under $5500.00 you can buy this perfect girl. The only little snag (if you think it indeed is a snag)…she isn’t real. I had occasion to speak with Bronwen over at Sinthetics about these amazing manikins.

Other than the fact that these beauties generally won’t wear out, why should someone spend this kind of money when they can have real sex with real, even expensive escorts?

There’s more to doll ownership than just the sex. Most of the people who purchase the high-end dolls are looking for creative outlets, lifelike companions, safe sex or some kind of personal fulfillment. Some use the dolls for sex surrogates to improve sexual performance or spice up their sex with real life partners. Many of our clients are collectors of all kinds of dolls and don’t use the Sinthetics for sex at all. We have several clients who are outstanding amateur photographers/artists who have dolls as models and muses.

How do these dolls differ from others on the market?

Sinthetics are unique in the industry because of the unparalleled realism and range of motion; they are by far the most pose-able of the synthetic companions currently on the market. We’re also the first US maker to have built-in heat and gel buttocks as available upgrades.

How specific can you get with customization…and what does that generally cost?

You can be very specific…to a point. As far as the bodies and face structures go, you cannot modify much; you can enlarge the breasts, add piercings; have custom nipples. As far as details go…sky is the limit! We can do our 12-standard skin tones, custom paint finishes like tattoos and freckles; we can get specialty eyes made. We can also do fully custom new heads and bodies, though most people are happy to work with what we’ve got. A basic doll is $5,500 then upgrades cost more. We also offer a unique system that can make female dolls transsexual.

Which is your most popular model?

Right now we only have the 1 body type and the 4 standard heads. Of the 4 heads, Celeste is so far the most popular.

How did you get into making the Sinthetics…great name by the way!

Thanks! The inspiration for the name Sinthetics actually came from a long-time well-known iDollator called Davecat. He likes to refer to his silicone companion as a Synthetic; we liked the term so much we decided to play on it with the naughty connotation of “Sin” added.

How we got into making them… the owners are long-time enthusiasts of the doll and adult industries. Matt, the sculptor and doll maker, has been involved in the doll industry since it first started here. The owners of Sinthetics were looking for his kind of talent and he brought the company to the forefront with advances in silicone technology, outstanding sculpting and the attention to detail and realism people came to expect of his work.

Check out the good work from the good people at synthetics here: www.sinthetics.com or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/Sinthetics

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