Broken Records: Let Me Come Home


Broken Records
Let Me Come Home
(4AD Records)

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Let Me Come Home, the new album by Scottish indie-folkers Broken Records, kick-starts with a thumping beat, driving you down the road of rebellion, escape and surrender. The theme on the album deals with culminating fears of structure and of being tied down.

With great lyrics and a supercharged sound, the songs on the LP far from overdo it. The instruments blend together well and compliment the vocals effortlessly, thus creating a sound that is sure to become signature for these guys.

Frontman Jamie Sutherland’s vocals are captivating and the energy on the album is incredible. This collection of songs works extremely well together and really makes me wonder what they sound like live.

The opening anthem, “Leaving Song,” instantly picks you up and takes you through the motions of detachment, while “Modern Worksong” is more reflective and “Motorcycle Boy Reigns” more soul-searching.

“Darkness Rises Up” and “You Know You’re Not Dead” are great glam-style pieces (higher on the energy, great on the sound) and “Ailene” is a more reflective piece.

The sound of “The Cracks in the Wall” is more uplifting, and I find myself really appreciating the drum styling on the track (a great change of pace) and “Home” is the closing song – refreshingly drowned in strings and submissive lyrics.

“Dia Dom Nosaros” is my favorite on the album though, with that charged, seductive, dark and haunting quality that I really love in a song.

The real star on the album is “I Used to Dream,” as it is lyrically honest and really is the wake-up moment on the album, with a beautiful hook:

“If all these selfish thoughts would please just stop – and leave a little room for someone else.”

Each piece on this album has a strong body, so there really is great potential for them to play it up in the mainstream. The quality of the album is consistent and I find myself almost always listening to every song on loop. Don’t miss out!

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