I’m From Barcelona: Forever Today

I’m From Barcelona
Forever Today

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The latest release from Swedish indie sweethearts I’m From Barcelona, entitled Forever Today, is a strange cacophony of tracks that each work well on their own, but don’t exactly mesh together.

Overall, the album stands as a warm, optimistic, electronic album.  “Can See Miles” features a very 80’s-feeling loud sing-along. The track doesn’t fit the album that well but stands nicely as a single. “Always Spring” is a wonderful summer song with singers chanting, “I want to be fast, I want to be slow” and many other contradictions. The track is fun and fits well into the band’s past discography. Another track that stands out on the album is “Game Is On.” Perhaps a bit slower than the rest of the album, the ethereal sound of the track truly highlights the bright side of having a band with as many members as I’m From Barcelona does (they have about 29 members overall). While “Skipping A Beat” is lyrically strong with words like “I can see it in your eyes/ I can see it in the way you look at me,” the track feels out of place as it doesn’t have the same feeling as the rest of the album or the same sound as “Can See Miles.”

While many will love this newest release from I’m From Barcelona, the album will certainly have those who hate it because of the variety it presents.

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