Lanu: Her 12 Faces


Her 12 Faces
(Tru Thoughts Ltd.)

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Lanu’s new album, Her 12 Faces, is a perfect example of a record made for spring as it leads into summer. His beats, which flirt somewhere between electronic and folk, have a distinctly sunny air about them. Whether he’s tying in synthesizers, strings, or guest vocalists singing in English or French, Lanu manages to make music that is captivatingly poppy without getting cheesy in the slightest.

Fellow Aussie Megan Washington, known professionally just as “Washington,” is an exquisite addition to nearly half of the albums tracks. Her light tones are the perfect complement to the sonic swelling beneath her voice, and I’d be eager to hear more of her solo work after checking this out. Céd Le Mélédo, a Parisian-born artist who has made his way to Melbourne, also makes an appearance on the record to give it a memorable conclusion with a French cover of Roxy Music’s “More Than This.”

Those who are interested in Lanu ought to start with “der Hotel Blume,” a catchy instrumental that would make the likes of Fatboy Slim or Moby green with envy. It’s the perfect time to get the iPod loaded up with warm weather music to begin wishful thinking, and Her 12 Faces is certainly that.

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