Marie & Bruce @ the Acorn Theatre


I don’t consider what I do here, ever, as criticism: I review. As such I try to be ever positive, honest but at the very least I try and point out the good over the bad. When it comes to artistic endeavors I know how hard it is to write, record, get-up on stage.

With this said, I’m not so sure what to say about Marie and Bruce. I can’t find much positive about Wallace Shawn’s new play, featuring Marisa Tomei and Frank Whaley at The Acorn Theatre at The New Group. I can’t find much bad to say either. I didn’t care about this look into the day of a crumbling marriage, the often repetitive points Tomei has to make and the interminably long middle scene at a dinner party, the only interesting aspect of which is how the lazy-Susan stage revolved to the Blondie track playing.

Marie has some interesting news for Bruce, but I simply did not care.

This is a rootless evening in the theater, one of those flaccid moments Cialis wouldn’t have helped, while this is rarely seen, at least from me, at the usually stupendous The New Group. The last thing I ever want when listening to a CD, or attending the theater, is to leave and not only have forgotten the past 80 minutes (M&B is about an hour and half with no intermission) but have no strong reaction to what I have just been through, not even strong enough to have hated it.

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