Revolver: Parallel Lives


Parallel Lives

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French trio Revolver have just made their SXSW debut, but judging by the group’s EP, Parallel Lives, they’re ready to break through to the mainstream. Perfecting an acoustic sound they refer to as “pop de chambre” (chamber pop is in a similar vein to chamber music), Revolver sounds like Mystery Jets cross-pollinated with The Divine Comedy. Gentle guitar picking mingles with layered, serene vocals that have a clear influence from groups like Simon & Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young.

At just four tracks in length, Parallel Lives is just enough to spark a craving for more. “Parallel Lives” is a poignant glimpse at the competitive edge of growing up with a peer, while “Losing You” is a slice of 60’s pop reminiscent of The Beatles. “Monk” shows the group’s ability to become more upbeat with the introduction of some percussion, while “Balulalow” is a glimpse at their sound bending to accommodate carols.

If this EP gets you excited, then pick up the full-length debut, Music for a While.

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