Tanda Professional Light Therapy

Though many pastes, masks, lotions, serums and potions may be out there, the beauty industry has managed to come up with yet another means of skin. Enter a new competitor to the world of acne combat: Tända Professional Clear Acne Light Therapy. Beware, like many items of the future, this device even comes equipped with goggles, which, depending on your personality, may seem exciting or, if you’re anything like me, a little scared.

Goggles and all, Tanda Clear Acne Light Therapy treatment boasts benefits that include clearing blemishes, preventing future outbreaks, and improving overall skin condition without irritation or dryness.

Although it comes with a pre-treatment gel (and of course the goggles and a charger as well), this approach to clear skin uniquely calls for not much more than the application of a rechargeable electronic “wand” to the face. The device includes a “treatment head” that applies light therapy treatment upon contact with the skin. After holding the device to the skin for three minutes (a convenient beeping system is in place to notify users in 30 second and 3-minute) the treatment is complete.

A few notable drawbacks: the device can only cover limited areas and does not contort to the skin, so applying to tricky nose creases, for example, is not so simple. Also, because only one patch of skin can be treated at a time and requires a 3-minute application per patch, the entire process takes time.

Truth be told, this reviewer has yet to enjoy results comparable to those broadcast across tandaskincare.com. That said, considering the futuristic promise and innovation of this product, I’m not convinced that it’s entirely ineffective either. Like the treatment itself, I suppose my appreciation just might take some time.

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