Thursday: No Devolución

No Devolución

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For fans of Thursday, No Devolución won’t feel out of left field at all. The album brings the post-punk power, screaming vocals and focused rock music that one would expect after the band’s prior releases, but incorporates a bit more of a math rock feeling that sounds a bit like the Mars Volta.

“Sparks Against the Sun” feels like a really familiar track to Thursday fans. In fact, it sounds a lot like several other songs they’ve written. The signature, forceful vocals are accompanied nicely by a delicate piano piece. “Past and Future Ruins” starts off a bit quieter. However, by the middle of the track, the band enraptures the listener into a full-screaming breakdown. Much like the popular song, “Understand in a Car Crash,” from the band’s first full-length album, you can’t help but listen to the track with open ears. “Turnpike Divides” brings the most power on the album and will have post-rock fans thrashing around on their feet. It might even start a mosh pit in the right environment. The vocals sound a bit more sing-song than on prior releases, but are enjoyable none the less.

For fans of Thursday, be sure to pick up this album. For those with piqued interest, this album might be the perfect gateway album to enjoy the band.

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