Valentiger: Oh, To Know!


Oh, To Know!

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When I first turned on Valentiger’s new album, Oh, To Know!, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The cover art of the album is simple stitching of the band’s name and album title. No fluffy pictures or candid photos. I was doing work with a friend at the time and casually mentioned I had music to listen to. Halfway through the first song she asked me who I was listening to and if I could turn it up; it was that good. The mood was exactly right, casual rolling sounds were the perfect backdrop to do work to. The album is catchy enough to sing along with, but slow enough that it won’t make you speed up if you drive with it on.

“All I” is one of my favorite songs off the album. Soft guitar licks and clicky percussion sounds set a soft backdrop for captivating vocals. The title track is drawling and lazy in all the right ways. It is the perfect soundtrack for any number of everyday activities: walking, driving, reading, writing, cooking, or just plain relaxing. It does not fit a specific season and is its own entity of sound. Currently, the band it keeping local tour dates in Michigan. We can only hope they play the stages of NYC soon.

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