Christina Perri: Lovestrong


Christina Perri
(Atlantic Records)

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The first thing I got from Christina Perri’s new album Lovestrong is that this girl has had her heart broken. And not just broken, but torn, shredded, ripped, stomped on and burned. This was evident from the first few seconds of music in “Bluebird.”

At this point, Christina Perri should be a household name. Her song “Jar of Hearts” was featured on So You Think You Can Dance and more recently, Glee. It seems that as of late if you have a song on Glee, you are going to explode, and I fully expect Christina Perri to do so. Her voice is liquid gold, and this voice is singing the words many people want to hear.

When “The Lonely” came on, it hit so close to home I got goose bumps. Perri’s voice is delicate but strong enough to mean the words she sings. At times, she is throaty and dark, while at other times high and light. The first time I heard “Jar of Hearts” I was getting ready in the morning and it came on VH1. I remember because I stopped whatever I was doing and stood in front of the TV waiting until the end of the video to find out who the hell this person was. This is the legendary song that has made its way all over television. There’s a reason for that too. The lyrics are binding, speaking of someone who is collecting hearts while leaving pain and anguish behind. Everyone has felt the emotions Christina Perri sings of, therefore I think everyone should have this album. Perri is going on tour over the summer, so grab a ticket if you can!

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