EAT: Rye Has Brunch!


247 S. 1st Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
(718) 218-8047
Brunch: Sat + Sun- 11am-4pm
Mid-day: Sat + Sun- 4pm-6pm
Dinner: Sun-Thurs- 6pm-11pm (Bar ’til 1am)
Fri-Sat- 6pm-12pm (Bar ’til 2am)
Reservations for parties of 6 or more

Nestled along one of the last remaining quiet streets of Williamsburg is the quietly famous Rye restaurant. Originally opened in 2009 as a clandestine ‘Prohibition’ style house of libations and gourmet bites, Rye has expanded over the years under the fine culinary curating of owner and chef, Cal Elliott. In addition to building a superior menu, the restaurant is also a 100% DIY labor of love, using all-rescued materials from the tabletops to the windows. Stretching a welcoming hand out a little further to public demand and rolling up his sleeves a little higher, chef Cal has extended Rye’s hours to welcome sleepy weekenders with an outstanding new brunch menu.

Kick things off with a spicy Red Rooster cocktail ($8), Rye’s take on the classic Bloody Mary mixed with Sriracha hot sauce will widen your sleepy eyes and prepare them for the delicious visions to come. The Crab Croquette ($6) on a bed of salsa verde and topped with a thyme and parsley salad is to die for. Who says ‘to die for’ anymore? You will. Just put it in your mouth. Crab cake lovers, we have arrived in heaven. If you’ve come hungry, feel free to order two.

On the tails of our delicious crab came two of the plumpest, perfectly Poached Eggs ($12) I have ever received, served with fried tomato (my favorite!) ham, spinach, a drizzle of mornay with potatoes, mixed greens, oh my. While plated small, the dishes at Rye are completely satisfying. Not to be outdone, my partner in crime ordered the Stuffed French Toast ($10), a veritable pillow of ham and cheese, inducing maple sweet dreams– Appropriately, as it was now time for a prompt nap.

For more information visit:, @Ryerestaurant on Twitter or find them on Facebook.

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