Manchester Orchestra: Simple Math


Manchester Orchestra
Simple Math

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Manchester Orchestra may be known by many for their tours with popular indie band Brand New, the band deserves to be known simply for the powerful music they deliver. With their fourth official release, Simple Math, the band brings home their powerful sound and asks listeners to be filled with wonder of the musicianship they present in their latest release.

On tracks like “Virgin,” Manchester Orchestra starts off slowly with a chorus of young children singing in the background before lead singer Andy Hull overpowers a simple guitar line with his alluring voice. The sing-song chorus chants “We built this house with our hands, our time, our blood” and enraptures listeners as the song uses power chords to drive past the chorus. The next verse brings up memories of Built to Spill and Dinosaur Jr. “Mighty” is another standout on the album, bringing a grungy feel to the opening guitar lines and finishing with sweeter melodies. Fans of Coheed and Cambria might even hear a bit of the band inside this Manchester Orchestra track. The title track is easily the album’s best song. Calming initial melodies, falsetto intro lyrics and a loud chorus combine all of the elements that Manchester Orchestra does better than a majority of the “indie rock” bands out there. There is even a little bit of string work in there, which brings a new depth to the band.

Not buying this album may be akin to committing a sin– it is that good. So don’t let yourself miss out– pick it up as soon as you can. While you won’t be humming along to the tracks, you’ll certainly be devoted to this storybook album. You won’t be able to turn your ears away.

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