Seapony: Go With Me


Go With Me
(Hardly Art)

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If surfer rock took more time to stare at the clouds, it might sound like Seapony. The Seattle-based trio produces a jangled indie mood that’s distorted but clear enough, fun without getting silly.

There’s nothing complicated about this group. Most of the songs on Go With Me involve a few chords, muddled vocals, and a drum machine, but that’s the beauty of it. What you get is on the surface, and it doesn’t have to be confounded by production or packaging to sound great.

Nearly every song is between two and three minutes long to pack its punch and then quietly retreat. “I Really Do” is reminiscent of R.E.M.’s early atmospheric sound, whereas “So Low” seems a bit more like Metric.

“What You See” is not to be missed because its slow pace is suited to the band’s scaled-back style. “Nobody Knows” has a snaky guitar line that shows you don’t have to indulge in giant riffs or an entire book of chords just to make something sound beautiful. There’s no pretense or ego when it comes to Seapony, just resounding music that speaks for itself.

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