The Pope’s War by Matthew Fox


The Pope’s War
By Matthew Fox
(Sterling Ethos)

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With a subtitle “Why Ratzinger’s Secret Crusade Has Imperiled The Church And How It Can Be Saved” you know this near 300-page hardcover is not going to make for light summer reading. Former priest Matthew Fox takes on the super powerful Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, his connection and collusion with John Paul II, the controversial secret Opus Dei and pretty much makes the case for how the Catholic church is an accomplice in the horrific pedophile scandals that rocked the church in recent years.

Fox had his own 12-year battle with Ratzinger, first being forbidden to teach theology after 34 years, then defrocked and unable to serve as a priest on the Cardinal’s orders. In this book the ex-priest not only lays out in clear concise detail-very well researched I might add- his enemy’s life story, conversion and all this horrific hiding of sex abusers, he also talks of the schism in the church the past two papacies have created. Fox also speaks on Christian myths like the Vatican being the source for teachings and that unity must sacrifice diversity (heady stuff indeed). His appendix “Wailing Wall of Silenced, Expelled or Banished Theologians and Pastoral Leaders under Ratzinger” lists so many free thinkers thrown-out by the cardinal that Fox had to list them in a separate section!

But don’t be deterred by all the negative stuff that’s gone down, there is hope in Matthew Fox’s The Pope’s War but you’ll have to read it to come to Fox’s conclusion.

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