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By now you know how I roll here at the ole’ SEX FILES. It’s either interviews with porn stars, authors and website owners; a DVD review or two; some pithy comments on something happening in the porn community or, like this week, a little round-up of some interesting sex news.

Item #1 Wrapped and Staying Ready:

It looks like men might get another jolt from Viagra.

A good number of guys report erectile problems when using condoms, but now new Viagra condoms will be available to fix that problem; hopeful manufacturers will line the new products with Viagra in gel form. It is hoped that this new product will reduce the spread of STI’s, as more men will be wrapped up, even those who eschewed condoms because of their erection problems in the past. The Viagra condom, called CSD500 could be on the UK market in a year, right now the biggest challenge is creating a gel that doesn’t do anything detrimental to the condom.

Item #2 The Men In Blue….In A Blue Film:

Prompted by a NBC4 LA exposé, The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has begun an investigation into reports that two ‘uniformed on duty’ police officers have appeared in a porn film.

The film, available on a popular adult subscription website (and probably soon to go viral) follows a porn actress as she approaches men at their various workplaces.  The men perform a wide range of sex acts with the girl and in one scene she jumps into the arms of an LA traffic officer, who proceeds to spank her and fondle her bare breasts. Then adding insult to injury (at least for the cops in question) a second traffic officer receives a few spankings from the girl, then allows her to get into his official city car (which is only fitting seeing as his job is to protect and serve) where the girl continues to perform ‘solo….if you know what I mean.

Item #3 No Moaning Zone:

Atheists of Florida’s legal coordinator Ellenbeth Wachs really should watch where she yells “Oh God.” In her second arrest this year, Wachs has been accused of purposely making noises from inside her home pretending as if she were having sex while a neighbor boy and his father overheard her.

Wachs had previously told Forrest Lehman to stop shooting hoops while she tried to sleep and when Forrest’s dad Otto Lehman and his son returned to the spot to resume play they were treated to Wachs’ best Meg Ryan imitation which “”sounded like a woman experiencing sexual gratification in an extremely loud fashion,” according to the affidavit. On March 3, Wachs was jailed on a charge that she posed as a licensed lawyer.

Item #4 Numbers Crossed: In Indianapolis, a typo caused residents looking to call their local voter registration hotline to be connected with a phone sex line. In a # screw-up, the callers got a recording telling them to dial a second number for “fun, stimulating conversation.” The error was changed within 35 minutes of complaints, by the very person who wrote the number down incorrectly in the first place, Secretary of State spokesman A.J. Feendy-Ruiz.



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