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Last week I gave you an overview of some new websites worth checking out. This week I spoke with Mistress Eleise, owner of the Femdom website

Tell us about

Femme Fatale Films is a hardcore BDSM Femdom website. I present films and photo galleries of women from around the world dominating men: sexually, psychologically, physically and otherwise. I also post articles on related topics, as well as include excerpts from my private diary for those who wish to have a more intimate relationship with me.

Are you strictly a download site? Do you sell DVDs at all?

It’s strictly download only. Sending what may be considered extreme pornography through the mail could potentially cause us legal problems…it’s also completely unnecessary. We offer unlimited downloads in both HD and SD, as well as streaming, a discreet option for those who prefer to keep their digital memory, if not their personal memory, clean.

Are there any scenes you won’t show?

I am particularly interested in the more extreme forms of psychological and physical play, while some of the other Mistresses on my site favor more sensual scenes. Whatever they enjoy, I want them to indulge themselves…freedom, honesty and variety are crucial to my vision of female dominance. Basically, if it is Femdom related and I can get away with showing it, it’ll find its way onto my site, though I do draw the line at illegal activities or things that would otherwise get us shut down.

Do you only cater to Femdom/sub men or are there sub women involved too?

I do involve sub girls but in my BDSM scenes all women, whether dominant or submissive, are given a position of privilege above men and are allowed to use men as they see fit, particularly sexually.

If one wanted to be in a FF film, how would one go about contacting you (I’m not asking her for you my gentle readers, not myself of course), if you indeed take outside submissions, so to speak?

There is a model application form on the Femme Fatale Films site and I am happy to say that I’ve been swamped with interest from an international selection of top dominatrices, as well as some top-quality submissive males. The studio is fully booked for the next two months

If a man wants to be considered he has to impress me, the same way any potential employer would need to be impressed. In my mind, anyone who doesn’t put 100% into an application won’t put 100% into a scene. These people do not interest me. We should all do ourselves justice and try to be exceptional.

There are so many sites out there to choose from. Why should one go to

We’re so flooded with pornography these days, not to mention the seemingly inescapable and equally bland sexualization of mainstream culture, we’ve become rather numb to it.  I want to bring the excitement back, by any means necessary…and is one my attempts to do so.

Check out Mistress Eleise and her exciting ladies at

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