EAT: 23,000 square foot Milk Street Café @ 40 Wall Street opens June 23

The financial district is mostly rife with suits, shoe-shiners and banks, and is not exactly known as a destination for gourmet cuisine. Nonetheless, the tireless suits must at times refuel, and now Wall Street gourmands can anticipate the June 23rd opening of Milk Street Café, a “new food hall concept,” introduced by a Boston-based company with 30+ years of experience.

Milk Street Café is a 23,000 square foot food hall opening in the Trump Building, which will be offering a highly diverse, technologically-advanced approach to cuisine. (Technologically, Milk Street Café will house the first produce-soak in NYC, i.e. a bath for your veggies, and specially made wobble-free table-bases from Australia.)

Having done thorough research on the area needs, Marc Epstein’s (owner) concept will appeal to the grab-and-go or need-for-a-breather Wall Street populations. What’s more, Milk Street Café funding was partially provided by the SBA stimulus package and the Trump Organization with an eye towards bringing more jobs and dollars back to the area.

Milk Street will cater for and to an extremely wide consumer base, including anyone with vegetarian, vegan, glatt-kosher and gluten-free dietary preferences. By no means is Milk Street Café a standard “food hall” or cafeteria. Yes, there are food stations, and yes, included among those stations will be a salad bar, sandwich bar (including spreads such as maple mustard and tandoori), and sushi bar. There will also be Asian specialties, sushi (separate from Asian specialties), a rotisserie and a carving station. Having had an opportunity to taste some Asian specialties, sushi and very indulgent milkshake-like dessert beverages, this reviewer can attest that the offerings are not likely to disappoint.

And, while the abundance of options will no doubt mesmerize any beyond-busy, hungry Financial District breakfast/lunch/dinnertime nomad, visitors should not miss out on the lovely mural reminiscent of impressionist florals painted by none other than the owner’s talented artist sister.

Although Epstein’s prior experience hails from Bean Town, he will be offering NYC far more than beans. In fact, I’d even venture to say that the food hall and Wall Street will find themselves nothing other than well-suited.

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