Film: The Troll Hunter


When fixing to go troll hunting, there are some rules to remember. They only come out at night, they’re territorial animals, they can smell the blood of Christians whom they instinctively attack, and when killed they either turn to stone or explode into a gory mess.

A mockumentary in the vein of Blair Witch Project, this Norwegian film follows the misadventures of three college students out to get the real story on a reclusive and mysterious hunter. During the course of a story set against the stunning beauty of Norway’s forests, waterfalls, mountains and snowy reaches, the trio, along with the audience members, are inducted into the clandestine mission of The Troll Hunter.

Truly a fun spectacle that hews very closely to the folklore in Norway concerning trolls, the film is equal parts fantasy, horror, and road movie. Filmed using the natural illumination of Norway’s overcast days and the starlit stillness of its cold nights, the film is Harry Potter-meets-Jurassic Park.

Interesting cinematic techniques are used marking The Troll Hunter as a foreign film.  The minimal amount of dialogue allows a viewer to really enjoy the beautiful scenery with long stretches of relative peace while we watch the group road tripping all over Norway.  This is juxtaposed against the positively spastic encounters with the giant sized trolls and the association of the characters with primary colors that they’re always dressed in.

All in all, the film is about the Norwegian government’s concealment of these beasts’ existence and the badass, bearded dude who roams the country secretly tracking them down and bravely killing rampaging trolls. The trio of college kids get way more than they bargained for while becoming the hunter’s supporters and confidants.

I recommend anyone who likes fantasy films to check this one out.

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