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Gang Gang Dance: Eye Contact

Gang Gang Dance
Eye Contact

Combining tons of synthesizers with an array of worldly sounds, New York City experimentalists Gang Gang Dance brings forth their fifth studio album Eye Contact.

With 11-minute opener “Glass Jar,” the listener is willfully pulled into their world of ambient sounds, electronica, pop, and Asian and Indian influences. As vocalist Lizzi Bougatsos slithers in and out of most every tune (personal fave: “Romance Layers” and “Adult Goth”), one can’t help but feel as if one is being transported to an Asian country of cheesy pop tunes (see: “Chinese High”) and a rather trippy Bollywood experience (see the video for “Mindkilla” ). I suppose that’s the point of the entire album; an endless mix of worldy sounds meshed to create a sonically-connected project. In other words, Gold Star for Gang Gang Dance.

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