Kissing Cousins: Unfortunate End


Kissing Cousins
Unfortunate End
(Velvet Blue Music)

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The dark deluge of slow smoky guitars and layered sultry vocals give Unfortunate End, the new EP by the LA-based all-female band, Kissing Cousins an atmospheric conundrum of murky stealth. Each song is told from the varied perspective of each character’s unfortunate end. Almost minimalistic instrumentally, the push of the album reaches back to dreary, shadowy, downtrodden 80’s metal with an interesting lyrical emotive. “You Bring Me Down,” begins with a pattering of drums and distorted slashes of guitar while the lyrics warn of an eerie soon-to-be reality. “Granny, Get Your Gun,” moves slowly and pretty viscerally as it is caught up in its own web of hazy dire. Strained guitars barely stretch from one bar to the next and vocals make up for any gaps in sound. The more up-tempo drive on “Pale White” is shrouded in sensuality yet howls a mystical doom. 

Kissing Cousins captures a chill of depressive rock and a complementary narrative to match.

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