Quintron: Sucre Du Sauvage

Sucre Du Sauvage

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I keep seeing bands lately that strip themselves down to just a couple of musicians and really push out some heart-wrenching tones and melodies. It’s nothing new. In my opinion Quintron has always had his finger on the pulse of experimental garage music. Not only has he been inventive with his music but with his musical instruments as well. His new album, Sucre de Savage, is yet another great addition to his already outstanding catalogue. His power lies in his fingertips with his Hammond/Fender Rhodes combo, which produces some very pleasant fuzz for the most inner depths of your soul. The album is nailed down by electronic beats keeping you in-touch with the singularity of Quintron and is sure to please even the most anal of garage purists. Miss Pussycat chimes in with vocals that cut through the soul with phrases reminiscent of the Rezillos. The lyrics are assertive and sting you at every corner and key change.

Sucre Du Sauvage starts strong with a gritty song called “Ring the Alarm” that builds to a dizzying melody that will leave you wanting more. “All Night Right of Way” is a very catchy climax to the album and makes sense out of the whole adventure. It is the glue that holds the whole thing together. The album is positively atmospheric especially in its conclusion of sound clips and rhythmic bells. This album has nerve, shemozzle and value. It is worth every penny and I look forward to more of Quintron’s inventiveness in the future.

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