THE SEX FILES: Jesse Jane and BiBi Jones are Assassins


The girls in Digital Playground’s new movie Assassins are out to “nail” their enemy as the movie’s tagline assures. In their usual inimitable fashion, D.P. presents another in a long line of tightly produced porn DVDs, this one loosely centered on two girl assassins-Jesse Jane and BiBi Jones-having to work as a duo to follow through on their killer contracts.

There’s not much I need tell you about the talents of the always vivacious Jesse Jane, she is a star in porn, probably one of the most recognizable in the world, but this happens to be BiBi Jones’ first movie (she’s a recent “Hustler” cover girl as well), and the lady outfits herself well in this film. What I like about Digital Playground movies are how they produce their big movies-like their mega-selling big-budgeted Pirates series or a movie like their Top Guns-yet still manage movies like this, using minimum locations and smaller casts (though the men aren’t small at all…if you know what I mean).

Digital Playground really is the high-end of the porn film world. Like you, I have seen all that the web has to offer in the way of digital downloading and I know that people who work in the adult industry are as tickled by technological advances of the net as they are truly frightened of how they will affect their profits if everyone can simply get content for free, but these D.P. DVD’s, as well as those rockin’ Axel Braun parodies from companies like Vivid Pictures, really make purchasing a porn DVD worth your while. And while I know there has been a lot of controversy lately over porn stars using or not using condoms and all the usual critics are as down on porn as they always have been, really it doesn’t get much better for your money then a movie like Assassins.

Back to the movie…

Jesse has got an oral scene that is not to be believed; really, the girl is a master at her craft and takes well to the more-than-ample task before her (and ‘ample’ it is…if you know what I mean). BiBi certainly appears as the sweetly innocent newcomer (as well as a lady assassin can) but she too has some copious talents. As with many movies of this type-again smaller casts, a few indoor locations, one simple story line-there are the requisite girl-on-guy scenes at the start of the movie (the first features some heavy lifting you just have to see to believe), a little girl-on-girl, then of course the two-girls-one-guy at the very end when the Assassins come to do their job but end up doing it in an entirely different way.

I’m hoping to interview BiBi Jones very soon so I’ll pepper her with a few questions about Assassins, but for now take this review as proof positive that Digital Playground has released another winner.

You can find Assassins at:

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